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if i think too hard i might lose my mind


it's time

for the cliche question of may/june-ish time: WHAT ARE YOUR SUMMER PLANS???

MINE, in no particular order:

→ finish nano! currently at 84,829 sob
→ do illustrations/cover if time???
→ publish nano...
→ await reply from library volunteer app
→ HOPEFULLY, get the position and then do library volunteer stuff!
→ fix journals!!! i hate html
→ somehow connect all three of my social network thingamabobs (tumblr, eljay, and brand spankin new EMAIL [meta4lyfe @ gmail tohoho feel free to spam it but sadly not officially OPEN FOR BIZNAZ yet])
→ work out/swim 5x a week minimum
→ fill two sketchbooks
→ work on nano 2011 plot?!
→ work on webcomic plot...
→ work on & finish art project
↘ that gets it own mini-list shit
↘ glue frames (let sit overnight)
↘ staple canvasses
↘ possibly buy more frames??
↘ organize pages
↘ glue pages
↘ detail work
↘ FINALLY FUCKING DONE just making this list exhausted me christ
→ do 1/2 hour of algebra and 1/2 hour chem per day
→ and i GUESS practice francais...
→ read all english novels
→ read, period
↘ in particular;
↘ on the road, jack kerouac
↘ the girl with the pearl earring, tracy chevalier
↘ the secret life of bees or something????, sue monk kidd
→ read to get 5 bucks
→ read to hopefully get 20 bucks!
→ make sure the baby parakeets we're taking care of hatch and don't die...
→ LISTEN TO MUSIC W/ NEW HEADPHONES (when they get here) because YES that's a legitimate PLAN
→ try peanut butter & honey sandwiches...
→ try to keep in contact! i imagine this will be the hardest and first to be broken
→ START and FINISH a fanfic for a fandom i've been in for two and a fucking half years jesus christ you'd think that would be enough stalking (and maybe for one i've been in for three?!)
→ or at least do some fan art come on
→ speaking of which, practice tablet-ing
→ edit friend's script
→ sob mshell i am so sorry your nano is still here half-edited will you accept my soul in penitence
→ maybe sign up for some summer classes?
→ learn how to cook...
→ make a fucking rp journal already YOU KNOW YOU'VE BEEN THINKING ABOUT IT*
*read: obsessing over it, which username to chose, where to get icons, WAT IS IC etc etc
→ soooooooooo....

→ the only normal thing on this list is 'camping' wow

JUST IGNORE ALL THAT AND TELL ME OF WHAT PLANS YOU HAVE i would like to hear them ♥ (and i promise to reply in a timely manner!!
Tags: finally fucking stable (for now), it's a list, l'été, uwaaaahhh
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